Thursday, March 19, 2015

2015 Interior Design Trends

2015 will be a year for bold colours, oversized canvases and eco-friendly designs. The home décor trends of the year will provide you the opportunity to express yourself through creativity, extravagance and versatility. 

Let the bathroom makeover be your focus in 2015: 

You can expect the bathroom to see the biggest changes out of any room in the house in 2015. Bathrooms will be moving toward a more clean and contemporary look. The National Kitchen and Bath Association’s style report says they won’t completely lose their cozy, rustic charm, but they will transition to a more minimalist modern vibe in the New Year. You can expect
 • Quartz countertops replacing granite. 
• Soaking tubs replacing rain showers. 
• Shades of grey replacing white walls. 

Be inspired by these colour schemes for 2015: 
• “Gray will be the hottest neutral of 2015 because it sets a great backdrop.” Jeff Andrews, LA Interior Designer. 
• Paint your bedroom olive green, a warm and organic neutral. Use white or cream accents in the room. 
• Bring in colours from the outdoors. Embrace the organic colours that feel right in your home. 
• Use a colour from a frosted pastel on the bathroom walls and choose a colour from a bright palate for your vintage tub. 
•Other areas: 
• Try a combination of greens, plums, cerulean blue, beiges and whites in your living room. Don’t be afraid to throw in lots of pattern. 2015 Interior design trends 8 9 It’s important to create balance when selecting the colors in your home. Choose a colour palate you like and then use the more decorative, bold colours on the furniture and other accessories. Don’t be afraid to have fun with colours from different palates, you may be surprised what works together. 

Other Trends to Watch For: 
• Oversized paintings on canvases 
• Eco-friendly materials 
• Animal prints and textures will be popular on couches, pillows, chairs and more 
• China dinnerware will be a must-have 
• Stand alone mirror in the bedroom 
• The mixing of patterns and textures, as seen in many Renaissance paintings 
• Expect combinations of rustic, contemporary and traditional in the same space 
• Accent features such as furniture or light fixtures that work both inside and outside will be popular 
• Metallic or gray kitchen cabinets 
• Warm metal kitchen fixtures Remember to be bold, resourceful and imaginative, but most importantly, be you. If you see a piece of furniture that inspires you, buy it and build a room around it. Don’t be afraid to take risks and to be unique. Which trends will you incorporate into your home decor for 2015

article courtesy of Improve Canada Magazine

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