Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Inspiration: 7 Kitchens with Bold Backsplashes

A guest post by Jane Blanchard -

Inspiration: 7 Kitchens with Bold Backsplashes

There's definitely one room that is of the utmost importance bringing the family together. It's the kitchen, and it's far more capable of producing more than just goods and aromas that are pleasing to the senses. If you're thinking of sprucing up your outdated kitchen, amazing backsplashes can do the job. Let's take a creative cue from those who brought in some color, sass, and spice to the mix!

Can you say “nautical” in a country accent? We love the nautical decor that really matches the backsplash tiles. The sea-breeze blue is light enough to compliment the white cabinets as well as being able to pass off on a country theme. You have the wood paneling above the range, the dark-stained wood counter-top, and all that's needed is a nice, deep farmhouse sink.

 This kitchen is the epitome of elegance. The tile colors have been chosen for a safe and neutral tone, while still adding character to fit the contemporary style. Two thumbs up for taste and cultivated beauty.

We are totally digging how this backsplash adds depth and space to this tiny kitchen area. Even a small backsplash can speak volumes. Tip for the fearless: go bold with rich colors to add more “pop” to the small area.

A delectable, modern twist on a 60's color palette. Everything goes together just beautifully; from the sleek, chocolate back-splash and glass chandelier, to the straight metallic hardware and retro bar stools. It looks as tasty as a chocolate covered banana!

 Big high fives on pulling off a futuristic look with the embedded lighting in the white cabinets that makes the blue really glimmer and shine. It's boldness enhances the white walls and white flooring. Just don't let the kids and pets inside the house ever again, unless... 

 via Modernize
 ...you have a more distinctive pattern like this to mask sticky fingers and cooking backsplash. We are on board with the small glass tiles that map out a sort of mosaic pattern that goes from the countertop to the ceiling. This creates depth in the pattern and elongates the cabinets, making the room seem taller than it really is.

 This kitchen has an Asian influence that's integrated with a modern plum color palette. We love the trendy style with a little floral that doesn't overwhelm the room. It's like a scrapbook page come to life!

The bottom line is: backsplashes can add a vivacious va-va-voom to a room. A little tile, a little shine, and a little color may be all you need.

For more design ideas and inspiration, head to Modernize.com.

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