Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Trends - Whats in and What out

Yesterday I attended a Designer event at Brentwood and the guest speaker was Shai DeLuca-Tamasi, a regular design expert on Cityline.  He spoke about some of the trends that are "in" and those that are "Out".

What's In......

One of the biggest things we are seeing and have seen for a little time now, is the use of mixed metals.  There is no matchy matchy of all one metal and this givves greater interest in the space.  We see  it in jewellery and as we know what is on the runway comes to home decor.

Mixing Black with Metals gives a dramatic and rich look

Our look is now a more liveable, relaxed and less staged look which is refreshing and welcoming.   We are less formal in our lives and now in the way we design and decorate our homes.

Area rugs that are painterly in style which is like a Monet painting.  There is an inconsistent pattern which doesn't show dirt as much as other designs.  This is great for families with young children.

Remember the 70's - well smoky glass is back.  Not sure if I like this trend.  I will let it grow on me

The colour Indigo which is a mix of black and navy is being seen and gives a moody look that can be quite elegant and very french.  Mixing it with carrara marble or mother of pearl is lovely and softens it

We are seeing graphic tiles more and more and now continuing as a popular and easy to maintain product - back painted glass which makes for easy clean up on a backsplash or shower.

What's Out....

The ombre look has been overdone and is not being seen as much.

Chevron - only being used in small amounts not as much as previously done

Mirrored Furniture which is still popular to a point but in the more formal design spaces

Text as decor has been around a while and now is going away

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